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Saturday, July 17, 2004

Feedback requested

Please give me opinions and suggestions on the letter below.
July 19, 2004
Dear Mr. Tile Man,
With this letter, I am enclosing half of the payment due on invoice #### for tiling the bathroom walls of Emilin's house.  As you are aware, the tiling work your company was hired to do is incomplete and has taken far longer than either of us anticipated.  I am protecting my interests by withholding the remaining payment until the work has been completed as outlined below.  You will have the payment within two business days of completion.
Although I was happy to work with A, you know from our communication on July 10, 2004 that I have been unhappy with S's work and felt very uncomfortable working with him.  During that conversation, you told me that you would be present with S to complete the work on July 12, but you were not and the work was not completed.  The former is an extreme breach of professionalism.  Please note the following ways in which I found S and his work to be unsatisfactory:
·                    When he arrived the first morning to work, he did not introduce himself but simply asked, "Is this the right house?"  I did not know his name until you told me one and a half days later.
·                    The toilet paper holder was placed such that it could not be used at the same time as the towel bar. (photo*)  When S came back to move the toilet paper holder, he commented loudly and threateningly that he hoped he wouldn't have to break any other tiles to get it out.
·                    Three tiles around the bathtub faucets were missing.  Although the template was available to him, two of the tiles were then cut improperly such that they broke upon assembling the faucet.
·                    One of the corner tiles for the vent hole was not cut to allow the register to be replaced.
·                    The grout work was flawed in several areas, most often containing bubbles or large gaps.  The bullnose tiles under the medicine cabinet were not grouted at all, even though there was adequate room to work. (photo*)
·                    After S's work, I came home to find that the backyard hose had been left on since his departure six hours earlier and that this water was leaking into the basement.
·                    The current tile goes up several inches higher on the wall than the previous tile did and was designed that way without my consent.  S tiled and grouted over the bathroom switchplate, making it impossible to access the wiring behind it. (photo*)  When he came to repair the work, he indicated that it would be impossible not to interfere with a wall shelf and challenged me to find a better solution.
·                    The corners of the tile work around the shower were cut in different ways.  The tile worker on the first two days, A, with whom we have been pleased to work, had used a square bullnose tile (photo*), and S cut a miter corner (photo*) even though you told me that he had had the parts available for the square bullnose.  S later told me that he did it that way "just to get the job done."
·                    He left grout spills on my finished maple floors in the living and dining rooms and grout and adhesive putty on the walls in the bathroom.
·                    S was often sarcastic or condescending.  When asked to replace the broken tiles around the faucet, he refused, stating that they would be fine if I used plumber's putty behind the faucet plate.  I requested that he replace them anyway, and he asked, "What are you hoping to accomplish with this, dear?"  His refusal to repair his flawed work and his sarcasm are unprofessional and inappropriate.  He eventually agreed to replace them but refused to use the template I gave him, and when I asked if they were cut large enough, he mimicked me.  The center tile was not cut large enough and needs to be replaced once again.
The door trim was damaged during tile removal, and you and I had discussed repairing that damage with wood putty.  (photo*) This still needs to be completed.  A did none of the grout work, and she had not communicated our desire to have the space between the tub and the floor tile grouted. You and I had discussed this in exchange for my having removed more than 60% of the wall tiles, and you also failed to communicate that to S.  This also needs to be completed.  Our electrician said that we will use a stacked switch, meaning that the switch plate is the same size as a single vertical switch.  This allows you to come out immediately, rather than requiring that I scramble to hire an electrician before your work is complete.
You will not send S to complete the work.  I will not let him in my house again.
The following tasks must be completed by Friday, August 6, 2004:
·                    Correcting the miter corner in the shower.
·                    Grouting between the floor and the tub.
·                    Replacing the center of the faucet tiles so that the faucet can be properly assembled.
·                    Repairing the door trim with wood putty.
·                    Replacing the tile around the light switch.
Please note that a copy of this letter has been sent to the **bricklayers' union** and the Better Business Bureau.  I chose a union company because I expected high quality work and high quality workers.  I chose a BBB member because I expected honesty and accountability.  That has not been my experience with Your Tile Company.
Additionally, I would like to thank you for your recommendation of C S and His Construction.  I was pleased to meet with C, and I am happy with the carpenter, K K, who made the trim for my window in the bathroom.  K's work was excellent and fast, and he was both friendly and professional.  I intend to use him in the future and will recommend C's Construction to my friends and colleagues.



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