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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Weekend roundup

Lest I leave with an inaccurately morose post, let me add this very abridged version of the rest of the weekend:

I left the computer after writing the earlier entry, fully intending to brush my hair and leave, and my dad asked me to sit down with him. We talked for a little while. We were both having a really bad day. Rather than go to the outlet mall 45 minutes away, we had lunch and went about more functional things. He met with various monument (aka "tombstone") makers, and I ordered the flowers for the next day.

Dinner was nice. I got my crème brulée.

We spent the evening chatting with Aunt Friend and Paul and Hope. The pastor came over for a little while. Hannah was an absolute joy.

The burial was adequate. The anticipation was worse than the event. The post-burial lunch was wonderful, but the restaurant had exactly one vegetarian thing on the menu. It was a Vineyard Salad and quite good, but I do prefer having a choice.

The rest of the weekend was wonderful. We spent some time outside, me taking pictures and Dad and Brooke looking for morels. They found a huge number that look just great. Hopefully, they won't make me throw up.

And now I'm back in adultland, and I hate it. I'm mostly content, but I hate it.


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