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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Nesting, le deux

Last night, I went to Target to buy bins. Bins! We absolutely had to have bins right then. I got five sage green 18 gallon bins; each was $4. I bought one of those cubby hole shoe holders for the closet. I bought two 13-packs of hangers (why 13 in a pack? does it have something to do with bias against superstitious people?) and a Dora the Explorer rubbery placemat. The placemat will go to the cabin with us this weekend as a way to bribe Hannah to eat at the table so her brother can have the high chair.

And then I purged. I purged drawers. I purged the linen closet. I purged our bedroom closet. Anything that I wasn't going to wear between now and April and that Brooke wasn't going to wear was moved into a bin. The maternity clothes donations I received from friends and coworkers (including friend/blogfriend Wife B. of the DaddyZine household) went into their own section of the drawer, and the nursing clothes (thanks, Wife B!) into a bin to save for Ebry's arrival. Even with the new and temporary additions to my wardrobe, we saved a lot of space. We're taking three 13-gallon kitchen-sized trash bags full of miscellaneous bedding up to Dad's cabin this weekend.

Once we get the floor of the closet tidied up (don't ask), I'll take a weekend day and gut the closet and redo it. After the closet has been redone, all of my problems will be over.

Except that we need a new dishwasher, and that involves a carpenter, an electrician, some friends, and a pie. And a new dishwasher.

Also, I have photographic evidence of my pregnancy that involves a bikini. I'll post it if anyone is interested in viewing my abdomen.


At 6:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wanna see your navel. Luv. Suezboo

At 1:44 PM, Blogger R said...

too funny. I had to have a baby saucer at Target last night, at 8:00. no waiting. love your blog! ;)



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