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Thursday, August 20, 2009


I called my mother on the phone today. Rather, I called the owner of my mother's former business, and the new owner, for whatever reason, has kept my mother's voice on the answering machine. After her death, when the business was being run by my father and still operating in his home, it made sense to keep it. I don't know if it doesn't make sense, if it's illogical to keep it now, but I can imagine a variety of reasons to change it. But the business is still named for my mother. Her voice is still there. The people in the office will hear it regularly.

So today, when I called the new owner to ask her to bid on some work I need done, my mother's voice answered. I took a walk, alone, after I left that message. It's been five and a half years.


At 12:10 AM, Anonymous gypsgrrl said...

emilin, i cant imagine. i have a voicemail my dad left on my cell about 6 months before he died. in less than a month it will be 4yrs and i cant bear not to keep it.

thinking of you...


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