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Monday, May 16, 2005

T = -61 days

In two months, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince comes out. Have you ordered your copy yet?

If you’ve ordered it from Bounders or Bunns & Noodle (tip o’ the, uh, keyboard to Alison Bechdel), please do the right thing and pass it off to someone who doesn’t know any better. You know better. I know this about you. You know enough to order it from an independent store, a store owned by a woman, a feminist, a hot babe with kids. You know enough to order it from Flea. Do that today.

Do that here.


At 7:25 AM, Anonymous Nella said...

I haven't ordered it because i don't know where i'll be then - i'll just waste a few quid getting it from the nearest bookshop to where i am. (and if i'm at my parents' house, they will be begged to drive me to town first thing!)
I'd like to get it from Flea - trouble is, i don't have my own net-safe credit card, and have to use my dad's one, so ordering stuff from a sex toy store would cross a few lines.

At 1:49 AM, Blogger Me said...

I work for the aforementioned Bunns & Noodle....not a bad company, really, built from the ground up by one guy who worked his butt off, is very liberal, and puts his money where his mouth is in terms of charitable donations. Of course, I work for the privately owned part of his company, so my life might be a little easier than those on the stockholder side of the equation. In any case, ORDER THE HARRY POTTER BOOK. I can't wait.


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