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Friday, December 02, 2005

Dropping off the face of the earth

And back!

Tuesday, November 22nd: Got a case of the Yucky-Feeling Throat

Wednesday the 23rd: Skived off work; went to midwife for routine visit; traveled to Dad’s place

US Thanksgiving—Thursday the 24th: Watched Hannah and Brock, “helped” Brooke prepare Thanksgiving entrée, attended dinner at sister-in-law’s aunt’s place; lost voice

Friday the 25th: Felt searing pain in throat; took Christmas card photo; came home and went to bed

Saturday the 26th: Stayed in bed while SFIL installed dishwasher; went out to dinner with friends

Sunday the 27th: Went to Urgent Care for severe throat pain; took Tylenol-3

Monday the 28th: Stayed home; felt bad; developed head cold

Tuesday the 29th: Felt worse

Wednesday the 30th: Felt worst of all (couldn’t sit up long enough for Brooke to comb my hair); went to doctor and got amoxicillin

Thursday the 1st: Felt remarkably better—better enough to watch a DVD! And toast an English muffin!

Friday the 2nd: Felt better than I have in over a week, yet not actually “well”; went to work anyway

And tomorrow, I have my baby shower. Although the attendees will be primarily female, there will be somewhere around 50 of them. Holy fucking fuck. That’s a lot of people.

Oh, and Brooke’s coming down with something, too.


At 12:24 AM, Anonymous rich said...

"Although the attendees will be primarily female, there will be somewhere around 50 of them. "

something about that sentence is like waiting for a shoe to drop.

hope things go off stress free and health returns to your home.

At 12:07 PM, Blogger Alicia Paige said...

Please update us on your babyshower!


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