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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

More on evildoers

For full details, please see the link below.
"Most Wanted" Corporate Human Rights Violators of 2005

By Global Exchange

Corporations carry out some of the most horrific human rights abuses of modern times, but it is increasingly difficult to hold them to account. Economic globalization and the rise of transnational corporate power have created a favorable climate for corporate human rights abusers, which are governed principally by the codes of supply and demand and show genuine loyalty only to their stockholders.

Though it isn't easy, we can check the power of corporations—and citizens around the world are stepping up to do it. Global Exchange developed this list of some of the world's worst corporate abusers to illustrate that on issues as diverse as assassination, torture, kidnapping, environmental degradation, abusing public funds, violently repressing political rights, releasing toxins into pristine environments, destroying homes, discrimination, and causing widespread health problems, familiar companies like Dow Chemical, Coca Cola, Caterpillar, Lockheed, Philip Morris, and Wal-Mart play a big role. Now we need you to take action!

Several of the companies below are being sued under the Alien Tort Claims Act, a law that allows citizens of any nationality to sue in US federal courts for violations of international rights or treaties. When corporations act like criminals, we have the right and the power to stop them, holding leaders and multinational corporations alike to the accords they have signed. Around the world—in Venezuela, Argentina, India, and right here in the United States—citizens are stepping up to create democracy and hold corporations accountable to international law.

This list of "MOST WANTED" corporate criminals gives you information about the abusive behavior of this year's top fourteen worst corporations, tells you who is responsible, and how to connect with and support people who are doing something about it. The more you know, the less these corporations can continue their abuses out of public eyesight: so share this information with your friends, get on the phone with the CEOs themselves, and exercise your rights as a citizen and consumer today.


    CEO: James Owens
    Contact the Corporation: Caterpillar Inc.
    100 NE Adams St.
    Peoria, IL 61629
    Phone: 309-675-1000
    Fax: 309-675-1182

    Human Rights Abuses: contracting with known violators of human rights, enabling house demolition, supplying equipment that kills Palestinian civilians and American peace activists


    Chairman and CEO: David O'Reilly
    Contact the Corporation: Chevron Corp.
    6001 Bollinger Canyon Rd.
    San Ramon, CA 94583

    Human Rights Abuses: environmental destruction, health violations, and violent killings


    CEO: E. Neville Isdell
    Contact the Corporation: Coca-Cola
    One Coca Cola Plaza
    P.O. Box 1734
    Atlanta, GA 30301
    Phone: 404-676-2121

    Human Rights Abuses: violent killings, kidnap and torture, water privatization, health violations, and discriminatory practices


    CEO: Andrew N. Liveris
    Contact the Corporation: Dow Chemical Co.
    2030 Dow Center
    Midland, MI 48674

    Human rights abuses: creation of chemical weapons, marketing poisonous chemicals, illegal dumping of toxins into populated areas, environmental destruction, health problems, death


    CEO: Van Honeycutt
    Contact the corporation: DynCorp/CSC
    2100 East Grand Avenue
    El Segundo, CA 90245 USA
    Phone: 310.615.0311

    Human rights abuses: causing health problems, environmental devastation and death; endangering lives; physically abusing individuals; sex trafficking


    CEO: William Clay Ford, Jr.
    Contact the Corporation: Ford Motor Company
    P.O. Box 685
    Dearborn, MI 48126-0685

    Human rights violations: environmental degradation, climate change, fueling wars for oil


    President and CEO: CEO Andrew Lane
    Contact the Corporation: KBR
    601 Jefferson Street
    Houston, TX 77002
    Phone: (713) 753-2000

    Human rights violations: Overcharging and providing unnecessary services on taxpayer's dollar, bribery, exploiting third country nationals


    CEO: Robert Stevens
    Contact the corporation: Lockheed Martin Corp
    6801 Rockledge Dr
    Bethesda, MD 20817
    Phone: (301) 897-6000

    Human Rights Abuses: War profiteering, warmongering


    CEO: Hugh Grant
    Contact the Corporation: c/o Kathleen Klepfer, Chief of Staff for Hugh Grant
    800 North Lindbergh Boulevard
    St. Louis, MO 63167
    Phone: (314) 694-1000
    Fax: (314) 694-8394
    Email the CEO

    Human Rights Abuses: Displacement, health violations, and child labor


    CEO: Joe Weller
    Contact the Corporation: Nestlé USA
    800 N. Brand Blvd.
    Glendale, CA 91203
    Phone: 818-549-6000
    Fax: 818-549-6952

    Human Rights Violations: Abusive child labor, repression of worker rights, aggressive marketing of harmful products, violation of national health and environmental laws


    Chairman and CEO: Louis C. Camilleri
    Contact the Corporation: Philip Morris USA
    Consumer Response Center
    P.O. Box 26603
    Richmond, Virginia 23261
    Email form
    Philip Morris International
    Consumer Service
    Case Postale 1171
    1001 Lausanne, Switzerland

    Human Rights Abuse: aggressively marketing lethal products


    CEO: Henry A. McKinnell
    Contact the Company: Pfizer
    235 East 42nd Street
    NY, NY 10017-5755
    Phone: 212-573-1000 (switchboard)
    Fax: 212-573-7851

    Human Rights Abuse: Killer price-gouging


    CEO: Mr. Gérard Mestrallet
    Contact the Corporation: Suez
    16, rue de la Ville-l 'Evêque
    75383 PARIS Cedex 08
    Phone: +33 1 40 06 64 00
    Email the CEO

    Human rights abuse: Water privatization


    CEO: Lee Scott
    Contact the Corporation: Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
    702 Southwest 8th Street
    Bentonville, AR 72716
    Tel. (479) 273-4000
    Email corporate headquarters

    Human Rights Abuses: worker rights violations, labor discrimination, union busting


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